Three rooms oval sauna

Max 5 people
Weight: 1350kg
Delivery time: 2-4 weeks
Heating time: 45-60 minutes
Firewood: 30 cm
Sauna set contains
Sauna is ready assembled in the factory or in details as a kit
Material of wall - all walls 42mm spruce
Roofing material - Icopal Plano bitumen shingles
Benches - alder
Floor grids in sauna and front room
Outside - sauna is treated with Remmers wood protection varnishes
Inside - natural wood
3x ventilation openings
2x glass inner-door, tempered and color tone bronze
Wooden front door, with window and lockable
Round window in sauna room, diameter 80cm
Lighting (sauna lights 220V) in all rooms
40l water tank, stainless
Stoveman 13 wood burning heater, stones and Schiedel chimney

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Saunakaitseaine sisepindadele 5,4L
Saunalava kaitseaine Supi Laudesuoja 1L
Sauna made of thermo treated wood
Large, 60l water tank, stainless
40 € (Hind KM-ga 48 €)
Higher sauna (+20cm), doors 1.90m
300 € (Hind KM-ga 360 €)
Juniper decorative wall above the benches in steam room
290 € (Hind KM-ga 348 €)
90x90cm shower cabin
420 € (Hind KM-ga 504 €)
Juniper decorative plate 50x188
155 € (Hind KM-ga 186 €)

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PRODUCT: Three rooms oval sauna kokkuleppel
WOOD SURFACE: within the price
ROOF COLOR: within the price
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